Standardize Communication

Bidsters creates a standardized way for Sub-Contractors to manage all their projects. Through the platform, Subs can manage the ITBs and manage & send Pre-Qualification Packets. 

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Digital Pre-Qualification

Tired of filling out all of those Pre-Qualification packets? Fill them out one time and simply transmit to all inquiring GCs.


Digital Bid Creation

Quickly respond to ITBs with our digital bid creator. Make the bid once and send to all bidding GCs instantly. 


ITB Management

You have a ton of bid invites rolling in with a ton of different ways to respond. Bidsters gives you one central to receive and respond to all of them. 



Our unique analytics platform lets you plug your current project data in to receive data analysis and insights like the AEC industry has never seen before.


New Project Search

Find new project opportunities in your work areas. Filter the search to just see results for the trades you perform. Quickly submit bids to public projects.


Dynamic Plan Rooms

It's the 21st century. Online & actionable plan rooms should be standard for every projects. With the Bidsters platform you will forget they ever weren't. 



Become a Pilot Partner! 

 Bidsters is totally free for now, but that won't always be the case. We're looking for some interested companies to get in on the early stages and help catalyze our launch. It's certainly a great opportunity with some great incentives. Click below to learn more. 



Bidding How You Always Have, Just Better

We aren't trying to change what you do, just make it easier for you to do it. By putting the project at the center of our workflow, we make it easy for all the companies involved to push and pull the information they need. Building is difficult, so let's make bidding easy.


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