Bid Better with Data

Bidsters simplifies the bidding process by using our powerful data analytics, BidlyticsTM, to streamline communication and empower users to make more informed decisions. 

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Our unique analytics platform lets you plug your current project data in to receive data analysis and insights like the AEC industry has never seen before.


Project Centric

We put the projects at the center of our app to give all user roles optimized workflows. Finally there will be a standard for communication during bidding.


Dynamic Industry Data

Gone will be the days of waiting for benchmarked data on an annual basis. With the Bidlytics Cloud, data throughout the industry will pour in to help you bid better.


Project Search

Tired of sifting through newspapers for new project postings? Don't want to wait for email notifications? Now, proactively search for new projects and filter by your criteria.


Custom Contact Lists

Have your go to list that you send invitations to bid? Or do you need new contacts in new region? Either way, now issuing bid invites will only take a few clicks. 


Integrated Plan Rooms

It's the 21st century. Online plan rooms should be standard for every projects. With the Bidsters platform you will forget they ever weren't. 

Our Mission 


At Bidsters, our mission is to provide a powerful, yet easy to use software platform that empowers all AEC personnel to make data driven decisions and simplify their communication processes.


When Bidsters first started, it was looking to answer the question: "Can General Contractors get information to Sub-Contractors faster?" As a company, we've quickly realized that question only solves problems for a quarter of a project stakeholders. The real question should be: "Can we get information to AND from a project's stakeholders faster?" At Bidsters, we fully understand that projects are a highly collaborative effort between owners, architects, general contractors, and sub-contractors. The common denominator amongst all these parties is the project they are collectively working. So, we set out to make tools that would let our users pull down the data they needed and push back up the information they needed to provide. But we didn't want to stop there. In our opinion, a more informed bidder is a better bidder, from the owner to the subs. Because of this we've built powerful analytics, that we've dubbed BIDLYTICS, into the platform. Now when our users are performing tasks as usual, they will be armed with contextual data and industry insights that help them bid better and grow as a company. 

We are just starting our company journey. It is our hope you will come along with us and help us build not just a better company, but a better industry as a whole. Get involved and get early access through our beta group. 



Bidding How You Always Have, Just Better

We aren't trying to change what you do, just make it easier for you to do it. By putting the project at the center of our workflow, we make it easy for all the companies involved to push and pull the information they need. Building is difficult, so let's make bidding easy.

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