Standardize Collaboration

Bidsters lowers coordination risks by providing a dynamic planroom for Architects to share large files and organize their RFIs and Addenda.  

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Large File Upload

Just drag and drop all of your files into the plan room, we take care of the rest. Once they are uploaded, everyone bidding can easily access & download. 



Stop tracking down all those RFI requests in your. Bidsters organizes all RFI correspondence into an actionable log for you to quickly roll into addenda. 


Easy Addenda Issue

Issue the addenda one time to the project plan room and all interested bidders are notified. No more email back and forth or version verification. 



Our unique analytics platform lets you plug your current project data in to receive data analysis and insights like the AEC industry has never seen before.


Standardized Communication

Bidsters will be your company's new hub for coordinated pre-construction communication. Whether it's across all your offices or with external contacts, you're covered.


Dynamic Plan Rooms

It's the 21st century. Online & actionable plan rooms should be standard for every projects. With the Bidsters platform you will forget they ever weren't. 



Become a Pilot Partner! 

 Bidsters is totally free for now, but that won't always be the case. We're looking for some interested companies to get in on the early stages and help catalyze our launch. It's certainly a great opportunity with some great incentives. Click below to learn more. 



Bidding How You Always Have, Just Better

We aren't trying to change what you do, just make it easier for you to do it. By putting the project at the center of our workflow, we make it easy for all the companies involved to push and pull the information they need. Building is difficult, so let's make bidding easy.


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